Hi, I am MikeĀ Gadzinski and I have been making a full-time income from being an affiliate marketer since 2009.

My journey has not always been a smooth one because back in 2009, there was not much information on internet marketing. I struggled to find information from anywhere I could and spent many days and nights trying to piece everything together. It was NOT easy

But through trials and many errors, I have managed to learn the ropes and now owns several successful affiliate websites as well as a consulting firm.

As I have been through the trenches, I know what it is like to grasp around in the dark for real and actionable information. Currently, it is not the lack of information that you should be worried about but the excess of information, most of them being misinformation that you should be wary about.

As such, I have put together the courses on this website to steer you away from the mistake of learning from the wring sources and ended up failing in internet marketing.

It is with the hope that this website will help you in your successful internet marketing journey. remember, this is a journey and not a sprint, so take your time to learn and take action

To Your Success,


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