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Affiliate marketing is a tremendous and profitable way to start making real money online. Being an affiliate marketer, you don’t need to create your own products or services, keep any inventories, worry about deliveries or face difficulties accepting payments. You also do not need to worry about after sales service nor do you need to deal with customers directly. All you need to do is to promote products or services of someone else to earn a commission from anywhere between 10% – 100%. Yes, you heard that right! Some product owners pay 100% of their product selling price.

As such, affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative online business for anyone, especially a beginner with limited resources or a limited budget to start making some serious money online.

To begin, there is a variety of information that you need to learn before you can be a successful affiliate marketer. Things like list building, social marketing, Amazon affiliates, traffic resources, and many more.

However, with all the information or rather misinformation out there today, it is very difficult for you to wade through this pile of information. You may get confused or overwhelmed with so many people telling you so many things and you do not know who to listen to. On top of that, you waste plenty of time looking for information and resources from various places

With this in mind, I have created Authority Affiliates as a one-stop resource center so that everything you need to be a successful affiliate marketer is right here. The training provided here is compiled from my own internet marketing experiences for the past 10 years. They are updated, evergreen and still work like gangbusters in 2020 and beyond.

No need to go around looking for more information as Authority Affiliates is the place for you to start your successful affiliate marketing journey.

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ClickBank is one of the granddaddies of digital product affiliate marketing. Whether you are selling books, software, graphics, packages, or anything else that could be downloaded, ClickBank paved the way for affiliate marketing in that space.

In fact, throughout the years, ClickBank has spawned a large number of competitors, but nothing can beat the original. Make no mistake, if you want a niche site or have access to niche traffic, ClickBank is a good source of great selling books, software, or other digital products that can instantly be downloaded. Learn the in-depth strategy on how to be successful on Clickbank


Anyone Who Has Tried to Generate Huge Profits from Amazon Has Run into One Problem After Another. It’s no secret. Trying to Profit from Amazon is extremely difficult if you don’t know what you are doing. It’s really no wonder that most people who try to at least make a Profit from Amazon just give up. But the truth is if you can the strategy right from the get-go, then things will be easier down the road for you. Most people get the basics wrong, difficult niche, wrong keywords, wrong topics to write, wrong products, and the list goes on.